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Laser Dealers and Buyers Beware

posted May 3, 2013, 3:25 PM by Kirby Torch

We have learned that ISAF and ILCA intend to issue a New ISAF Plaque to terminated builder Laser Performance in North America and Europe.  We understand the New ISAF Plaque will eliminate any reference to Laser designer Bruce Kirby.  So future Laser hulls will not include his name. 

We don’t think this decision by ISAF/ILCA is legal but a US Court will decide.  In the meantime, we want to caution that the Kirby Torch Class will not accept Laser hulls bearing this New ISAF Plaque as class legal.  The New ISAF Plaque will only mean that fees have been paid to ILCA and ISAF.  It will not mean that the Laser hull is Kirby Torch class legal.

But, the Kirby Torch Class will accept as class legal any Laser hull bearing the original ISAF Plaque that includes “Bruce Kirby” even if no license fee has been paid to Bruce.

Commentators have suggested that the ISAF/ILCA decision to create and issue New ISAF Plaques, erasing Bruce Kirby’s name from the boat he designed, might lead to supply shortages of Lasers worldwide.  See